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Havoc and Sheska

The Unloved OTP

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Hello! Welcome to the HavocxSheska community!
I'll cut to the chase and explain what this comm is about;
This community is for everyone who supports the pairing of Jean Havoc and Sheska from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist.
Anyone can join, but of course, there are rules. So listen up!

1+ Be nice please. Kindness and respect are good things. Any posts of a sexist, racist, hateful, or anything of that nature will result in said posts being deleted and a ban.
2+ Posts should be on-topic. Intros are alright, but it would be better if you had something to post along with it; maybe a fanfic, or a small little thing on how you got into the pairing. This isn't mandatory, but it would be appriciated.
3+ LJ-Cuts are your friend. Please use them when posting things like a large number of icons, pictures (worksafe or otherwise), long posts, fanfiction, spoilers, etc.
4+ Please do not spam with promoting your own community. You can mention it, but don't tell everyone about in every single post or comment you make.
5+ NO PLAGARISM OF ANY SORT. This the mod does not tolerate at all. Immidiate bans will result from this as well.
6+ Please, please, PLEASE, no bashing of any of the characters. There really isn't any reason for it.
7+ Have fun and enjoy the pairing :D.

Of course, if you are posting a fic, it should be introduced like this:

Author's Notes:

This community is currently run by hanyo_alchemist