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havocmangawip [userpic]
"Jean Havoc: A Work In Progress"
by havocmangawip (havocmangawip)
at September 16th, 2006 (11:05 pm)

Title:  "Jean Havoc: A Work In Progress"
Author:  havocmangawip
Rating: R in early chapters, M later on... for language, realistic description of spinal cord injury and later sexual situations.
Warnings:  Don't read this at work.  Two people, over the age of 18, do what grown-ups do, often and well. 
Summary:  Spoilers for Manga 38 until current.  Told from Havoc's perspective, and yes, our favorite bookworm figures VERY prominently in this story.
Author's Note:
Jean is a pervert, with a potty mouth most of the time... but we all love him for his snark anyway, and he can be so delightfully sweet and dopey.  For the full monty, I have copious author's notes on my profile page.

If you want to read a novel length work, this is it.